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Messianic Judaic theology is the study of the God YAHWEH, and the Holy Scriptures, from the view point of Messianic Judaism. Messianic Judaism has been confused and misunderstood by most Christians and Judeans to be a form of Christianity.

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We believe that, the fourth Beast with Ten horns of Daniel chapter 7 and Revelation chapter 13 is the Roman Empire, which today we call the European Union (EU). The map of the ancient Roman Empire is exactly the map of the European Union.

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The Yahweh’s People Assembly Inc., is a Judaic Congregation founded in 1987. Originally, it was a Christian Church called, Riches of Christ Mission. We are a non-profit spiritual and religious organization with head quarters at Plot 5, …..

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Shalom alekem and welcome to the official website of YAHWEH PEOPLE ASSEMBLY INC., Nigeria. Yahweh People Assembly is dedicated to every aspect of the Holy Bible: both the Old and the New Covenants, and the central role it played in generations past, the role it continued to play all through history, down to modern times, in the lives of both Israelis and Foreigners, and without doubt, the role it will once again play, in the spiritual wellbeing of both Israel and all the nations of the world when the Messiah, YAHUSHUA of Nazareth returns. Our Ministry strives to highlight the history of Messianic Judaism, an understanding of the present day, and YAHWEH’s  promise of reward to all who have led righteous lives, to the Israeli first, and then to the Foreigner. Our activities include evangelism, crusades, seminars, publications and conferences. Our prime target is to see the restoration of Messianic Judaism among all Christians, in accordance with the sublime teachings and life style of the Messiah, YAHUSHUA of Nazareth, as was propagated and professed by His Apostles. We invite you to read our Beliefs and Doctrines.

THIS SITE TELLS THE STORY OF MESSIANIC JUDAISM in words and pictures. It is a story that spans the millennia, from the beginning of creation, to the Second Coming of the Messiah, the man, YAHUSHUA of Nazareth, as foretold by all the prophets of Israel and the Apostles of the Messiah. Hence, it is a story still unfolding, the most exciting chapters being written now, in our own times.

AT THIS SITEyou will discover how the first Ekklesia in Jerusalem was a Sect of Judaism, practicing Nazarene or Messianic Judaism. You will find out how all the Apostles and Elders of the Jerusalem Ekklesia were all devout Judaists; practicing circumcision, going to the Temple, keeping the Sabbath, observing all the festivals, in addition to all these, believing that the man, YAHUSHUA of Nazareth was indeed the long promised and expected Messiah of the Judean people. You will read how the Church of Rome in the spirit of anti-Judaism invented Christianity as an alternative to Messianic Judaism, and then used all available resources at its disposal to suppress Messianic Judaism, as it gradually replaced Judaism with Christianity.

YOU WILL ALSO DISCOVER how the Creator’s hallowed personal name is YAHWEH, and not Jehovah, Lord or God. You will read how the name Jehovah was invented by the Christian scholars of Europe some 900 years ago, and how it cannot be traced to any known human language, extant or extinct.

YOU WILL FIND OUT THAT EVEN THE MESSIAH’S NAME has not come down to us in its original Hebrew form as was announced by the angel Gabriel. The angel announced YAHUSHUA as His name, and Joseph and Miriam in obedience named Him YAHUSHUA. But after His death, resurrection and ascension, the unbelieving Rabbis changed it to Yeshu, which the Greeks rendered in their language as Jesus.

YOU CAN LEARN MORE about the history and challenges of Messianic Judaism over the centuries and about the efforts and attempts by the Church of Rome to change the commandments of YAHWEH and to replace His festivals. Dan7:25

THE PASTORS OF YAHWEH PEOPLE ASSEMBLY have dedicated their lives to raising public awareness of the importance of keeping the commandments of YAHWEH, as well as knowing and using only the Hebrew name, YAHUSHUA of the Messiah and Saviour of all mankind, if anyone must pass from death to life, whether Israeli or Foreigner. We battle to propagate this knowledge, and to restore that faith that was once and forever revealed to the ancient Apostles and the Saints in Jerusalem, especially as we see the signs everywhere that are announcing the Second Coming of our blessed Messiah, YAHUSHUA of Nazareth. At this site you can view educational articles and essays about Messianic Judaism.

YAHWEH PEOPLE ASSEMBLY CONSIDERS IT OF PRIMARY IMPORTANCE to educate and enlighten people about the great significance of keeping the commandments of YAHWEH, as well as knowing His Son and Messiah’s true Hebrew name, YAHUSHUA of Nazareth, without which no man can gain eternal life. Be you whoever you are, or whatever you are, great or small, free or slave, rich or poor, Israeli or Foreigner, without knowing, believing and calling upon the Hebrew name of the Messiah, which is YAHUSHUA of Nazareth, and equally keeping the commandments of YAHWEH, you shall perish in your sins.

ALL WHO SEEK YAHWEH, THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL AND YAHUSHUA OF NAZARETH in order that they may find mercy and compassion on that great and terrible day of judgment which is fast approaching, are invited and welcomed to become part of Yahweh People Assembly’s vision, and share in our efforts at restoring the faith that was in old time delivered unto the Apostles and Saints.